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Posted by chris lloyd parker on Thursday, April 03, 2014

Some of our most frequently asked questions concern what DIY Boat Name Kits will look like when they get to their new owner. Will there be a background color? Do I have to align the different colors I ordered myself? Is the name going to arrive in one peace or individual letters?

To answer those questions, we will quickly run you through the process of how DIY Boat Name Kits are made.

DIY Boat Name Kits

We start of by cutting out each color individually and removing the negative space. You are always left without a background color.

In the designing program on our website you do get the question to choose a background color, but this it strictly for ease of designing and so you can get an idea of what your graphic would look like on the color of your hull. It would be next to impossible to match the vinyl we use for our graphic to the color of your hull. Plus, this way you don't have strange looking edges around your fish graphics. Instead you will end up with a seamless result.

DIY Boat Name Kits

After that, the top layer gets transferred onto application paper, which will hold all the lettering together and make sure nothing gets moved around.

DIY Boat Name Kits

We then align the two layers together and transfer them onto the same piece of transfer paper.

DIY Boat Name Kits

Depending on the amount of colours a graphic contains, we repeat this process until you are left with one image to be stuck on a boat.

DIY Boat Name Kits

We then separate the graphics and cut away any excess material that would make your DIY Boat Name Kit harder to apply, after that they are ready for shipping.

DIY Boat Name Kits

Once the DIY Boat Names Kit arrives in your mailbox, all you have to do is to make sure you place your graphics straight onto your boat. Tips on aligning and applying your DIY Boat Names Kit to your hull can be found in the instructions provided in your kit.

Still have some questions about applying your DIY Boat Name Kit, please don't hesitate to contact Name for a Boat.

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