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Having trouble coming up with the choosing name for your boat? and you always looking for Boat Name Ideas. We understand that. It is always difficult choosing a name for things you love and want to see them second-to-none – that includes your boat!!! After all, name is your boat’s primary identity and it must reflect your thoughts and personality. At, we have made it easy for you.

Click here to view our extensive database of stylish and contemporary boat names ideas. If you wish to name it yourself, please read our top tips for coming up with your own shortlist of personalized boat names. These tips are a result of our extensive interaction with our customers over 25 years:

NIY (Name It Yourself) Top Tips - Boat Name Ideas

  1. Purpose: Everything has a purpose. Think about your boat’s purpose, what kind of boat it is, and its size.
  2. Values & Milestones: Write down a few things that are important to you – your values, your personal philosophy or major events in your life.
  3. Symbolism: Think about what your boat symbolizes for you. A dream? A goal? A celebration?
  4. Your Personality Input: What are you known for? Think about hobbies and nicknames.
  5. Dear ones / places: You can also base your boat name of the names of family members or people you admire, or place you’ve been.

After you've written down some boat name ideas, try combining them and see what you get.


  1. Your boat name should be easy to pronounce and to understand over the radio.
  2. It should look good if you’ll be putting it on caps, T-shirts etc.
  3. Say it out aloud and sound out your list of possible names with family and friends.

Our Top Tips for choosing Boat Graphics

  1. Style: After you've settled on a name, give some thought to a suitable font, or lettering style. This might be influenced by the boat name itself, your boat’s style or your own personality. Outlines and shadows are options here too.
  2. Colors: Think about colors, and this includes metallic, gold and silver, and colors for background, outlines and shadows.
  3. Combine Graphics: When it comes to incorporating an image with your boat name, or stand-alone boat graphics, new digital technology means that practically any image can be scanned and used, from cartoon art to sleek graphics to photographic-quality images.
  4. Size: Consider the size of your transom when planning your graphics.
  5. Integrate: Concept, font and imagery into a great design. If it’s too much hard work, engage a designer to do it for you.

Still need help? Email us a request to help you for boat name ideas and we’ll post it to our blog!

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