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Touch Pool (Seasonal; closed until March 2012)

Socialize with sea life! Touch beach creatures and chat with volunteers about life underwater. Visit our outdoor touch pool in the summertime, and the indoor touch pool during cooler weather.

Experience life in the crash zone.

Stand right under a crashing tidal wave and learn about periwinkles, barnacles, and other animals best suited for this rugged habitat.

Peek into the nursery of the sea.

Investigate nature’s food factory—the salt marsh. Its gentle, fertile waters act as a nursery for various fish and invertebrates.

Trade your lungs for a pair of gills.

Videos and displays about breathing, eating, hearing, and seeing under the sea explain how marine creatures are adapted to life in water.

See fish that go zap.

Electric eels and knifefish emit voltage to navigate the waters and electrocute large prey while they hunt at night.

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